Brenda Lui is a qualified Fashion Designer who crossed over to Millinery design in 2007 for her label Crazy Teapot. Brenda has worked in many areas of the Fashion industry since falling in love with fashion at a young age; she has always loved vintage fashion, design and home wares, which inspire her millinery creations.

Brenda designs under her label name ‘Crazy Teapot’ which has a feminine elegance, a twist of quirkiness and often inspired by vintage techniques, patterns, colours and designs. The Crazy Teapot range includes: Unique handmade Milliner and Fashion pieces, designed and hand made by Brenda, each piece is made with much attention to detail.

Brenda has continued to develop her Millinery skills since crossing over from the fashion industry with expert guidance from mentor Waltraud Reiner (Master Milliner) while also drawing from her vast fashion experience and knowledge to create quality, unique and beautiful headpieces for brides, ladies race day fashion and special occasions.